Liars - Drum's Not Dead

Back in 2001 when New York City was unveiling it'slatest wave of hip new acts, there was one band by the name of ‘Liars' that encapsulated the world with their upbeat Dance-Funk-Punk sounds. In 2003 ‘Liars' lost their bass player and drummer, leading to a reinvention stage. Instead of getting another bass player and drummer the remaining two members, Australian born Angus Andrews and Guitarist, Aaron Hemphill decided on inducting drummer/multi-instrumentalist Julian Gross. With the lineup now completed the 3 sonic soldiers ventured to a cabin in the woods of New Jersey, the result being the album They Were Wrong, So We Drowned, a tale of witches and child theft. The album showcased a new experimental sound for Liars and alienated some fans. Angus Andrews, the leader of Liars grew bored of America and headed to Berlin. What he found was the music scene that he was looking for and cheap housing. Angus told his two counterparts and the band relocated to Berlin. The band then started to record a follow up in 2004. For the album the band created two beings, Mt.Heart Attack and Drum. Drum was someone who doesn't think about things and just acts straight away where as Mt.Heart Attack takes into hand the pros and cons of what he's doing and rarely takes risks. The result is an amazing album Drum's Not Dead, an album that relies on drums as the main sound. The guitars used on the album are very atmospheric and are muddled up with feedback at times. The vocals are one of the most attractive things from this album, there is heavy use of falsetto which new to Liars sounds, it is effective and brings a pop sensibility to the songs on the album. The drums on the album are multiple and the band used odd techniques such putting them through guitar pedals. The weird jungle and tribal rhythms bring a primal fast-paced sound to the band which is reminiscent of The Birthday Party. Another bonus from the album is a DVD that features three different directors' takes on the albums songs. These three directors are filmmaker Markus Wambspanss and band members, Julian Gross and Angus Andrews.


Drums Not Dead is an adventure of rhythm and beauty and has brought a new sound to the amazing Liars. It's bound to make the critics list at the end of the year, the only question is what's next for Liars?

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