Cloud Control - Dream Cave

Cloud Control - Dream Cave

Cloud Control's debut album Bliss Release took the local music scene by storm in 2010, and I must admit, passed me by at the time. Having seen them live a few times since, they've developed a more layered sound, so I was keen to see what they would produce next.

From the get-go, it's clear you've come across a slightly altered Cloud Control. Intro track 'Scream Rave' sees Alister Wright's distorted, layered, and processed vocals leap from your speakers in all directions, while underneath, moody synths and spare beats build until the end where cavernous drum beats kick in.

Lead single 'Dojo Rising' comes next, and is quite a contrast to the wonderful weirdness we've just experienced. While undeniably a great pop song, it sounds positively normal in comparison. This is more of an issue of programming with tracklisting than any real complaint though.

'Promises' should have been a b-side for my money. It's the only weak track on an otherwise consistent set. 'Moonrabbit' is probably most reminiscent of their older material. Infectious and catchy, it will probably do great on Triple J. Possible a bit too happy for the cynics (such as myself!).

'The Smoke, The Feeling' positively soars, inducing a heady sense of euphoria every time I listen to it. Just don't analyse the lyrics too much ("Oh I'm falling, how can I want more?"). Heidi Lenffer's gorgeous lead vocals are a welcome contrast in the middle of the album.

This is followed by new single 'Scar'. Wright and Lenffer's layered vocals perfectly compliment each other over a hypnotic keyboard riff, which builds to an anthemic chorus worthy of MGMT.

'Happy Birthday' is foot-tapping infectious. Scratch what I said about my cynicism, Cloud Control have now managed to bring a smile to my face, damn it! Still, lyrics such as, "I hate my birthday, it's true / A happy thought here for you", still manages to fit within my aesthetic.

Dream Cave manages for the most part to balance the fine line between noodley soundscapes and commercially viable pop songs. The four-piece from The Blue Mountains have really nailed it with this release. They have filtered their sunshine through a dark cave to produce an album of catchy, punchy, dream-pop gems.

The band are touring in support of the album throughout August and then heading overseas, where I have to say, on the back of this album they really have a chance of cracking the big time.

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