Crack den. Listening to Serena Maneesh's Drain Cosmetics single made me feel like I'd stumbled into the depths of an underground crack den. The single has an ambiance about it that suggests ‘cool party', the one you're not invited to. Said party was held thirty years ago and guests were greeted at the door with hash cookies. I can't coherently explain it, but listening to the single made me feel as though drug addled hippies were coming to get me.


The single sounded a terrible lot like something Air would have recorded. Now, sounding like Air isn't necessarily a bad thing; it's just that the sound only seems fit for a really specific purpose. In my experience it equals movement piece. Standing about in ‘performance space,' wearing an entirely black outfit with a selection of drama nerds and being told to express your feelings.


I learnt something from listening to Drain Cosmetics. Remix doesn't always mean bad. Normally I shy away from the word remix and search for a quiet place to have a quiet vomit. The remixes of Drain Cosmetics work pretty well. They're similar, yet different to the original and bring slightly different atmospheres to the song. I think the ‘deadverse' remix is my personal favourite of the reworked versions of Drain Cosmetics.


I'd imagine that Serena Maneesh's album would behold a more comprehensive experience for the listener. Drain Cosmetics doesn't seem to stand alone entirely successfully. I think this is because of the sound of the track. In the same way that Money or Time isn't quite right without the rest of Dark Side behind it. It needs something to follow after it. Let's go back to my second analogy: the party you're not invited to. Well, the fuzz comes and within twenty minutes has a whole set of bong wielding party kids in the paddy wagon.


All in all, she's a pretty kicking little single. It's all about the atmosphere and the one that's created is striking and ethereal.

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