Peaches - Downtown

I love Peaches. This is a woman who really knows how to mess with today's musical language. I first saw her on some late night documentary about sexuality and women in Rock. I watched her do Shake your Dick, and loved it.


She sticks a finger up to the world of the myogenous music industry and tells them to suck on this. Peaches take all the genres, fucks with them and your head. Her new album Impeach my Bush, is a winner just by the title. This ain't no Petula Clarke cover, the sweetness and light of that song is only similar in the disco tune.


This single is all about going down on a woman, something men only do on a first date to impress you. With a simple electro back beat this tune is oh so disco, with the longer simian remix even better for the dance floor. Hanky Code, with the line do you know what that means; about wearing your sexual persuasion on your sleeve is even funkier.


Peaches now have a band. An all girl four piece, Samantha Maloney (Hole) on drums, Radio Sloan (Guitar) and JD Samson(Le Tigre) on keytar and sequencing. There are touring the states with Nine Inch Nails and if we keep our fingers crossed there'll play over here.


Has anyone seen the publicity for the new album? A mature hairless woman is weird, why do we all want to look like 12 year olds?

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