'Doorways of my mind' is the first live cd to be released by Lior. It was recorded at the atmospheric Northcote Social Club late last year after a lot of touring, so what we get to hear is a slick, well rehearsed live set. You can just imagine what a great gig this must have been, you can hear the crowd getting into it.


Lior seems like he can win over any crowd, with his smooth vocals and ability to add a touch of funk to his music. One of the great things about the live cd is that the songs are changed slightly, whether it be vocally or instrumentally. 'Dooways of my mind' contains a lot of songs from Lior's debut album 'Autumn Flow' as well as some new tracks and the songs slip easily from the album into the live set. I think that its important to not just play exactly whats on the cd, thats what makes it good live music.


'Grey Ocean' is such a delicate song, and this is captured even more on this cd. "I'm getting taken under. Dont know these emotions, dont think I ever have. So helplessly caught in your tide" The longing heard here in Lior's voice is almost tangible. "Dont leave me stranded in your arms". A beautiful track.


There are a lot more vocal gymnastics on this cd, but Lior can pull it off easily. Another great thing about Lior is the fact that the songs he writes have meaning and soul. There are a lot of songs about crap around these days, and its so nice to drift away on a deep level to real music.


Lior writes about hope, love, longing and loss. He writes about life, and he sings with passion. It's great to hear brass and strings together in a normal live band setting. These instruments just add so much to the feel of the songs, a wonderful inclusion to the cd. You dont hear many Australian albums as multi cultural as this, with a stong mediterranean influence flowing through the songs. Lior has a way that draws you in and its so easy to get lost in his music. He even scats on 'Autumn Flow' -which isnt heard much these days, but it works.


Often with live albums you hear that the studio has tweaked it after the show so much that there isnt much liveness left or that there were several weeks of recorded gigs to make sure that only the best is shown. Here you notice that the cd was recorded over 2 nights, and is left to sit on its own merit.


This cd is perfect to listen to whilst relaxing on a sunday afternoon or to get you in the mood before going out. I highly recommend it, and I'm looking forward to seeing what direction Lior's next album goes in.

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