Jaed - Dirty Days

This first release from a new Melbourne band is refreshing. It reminds me of all the Riot Girrl music that was going around in the early nineties. Think Skater Kinney, Verruca Salt and Hole.


The tunes are fairly average and have that whole standard Californian punk thing going on, but that is on the first listen. Play it again, start listening to the lyrics and it becomes obvious that the songwriter was one damaged individual!!


According to her biography, she lived four years on the streets and was addicted to heavy drugs (heroin) and all before she reached 21, Vanessa is probably extremely lucky to be alive.


The songs on the album are great, but the biography sent out by the record company worries me. Yeah, sure she has had a hard life, and it's good to see she pulled herself through it and made this record. Though why mention that she has been clean for a year, like as if being on heroin has made her a better musician, given her life experiences beyond her years. The truth is heroin just turns you into a junkie, who will do anything to get the next hit; it ruins lives and certainly doesn't make great music. It just wrecks people.


But enough of the ranting. Dirty Days is a great album. The opening track , Catharine is a bit all Californian new age punk, for my taste, and I was a bit disappointed by that for the opening song, but it is the classic formula of a 1 minute punk song, short and sharp it grabs you by the balls.


Her voice defiantly has that bitter sweet tinge to it.


‘Gutter Girl" the lyrics are sure twisted, ‘When I was a gutter girl, I sat in pools of blood all day'; I guess that refers to her days on ‘the streets', great song, gold in less than 3 minutes. But then that is the beauty of the punk song, controversial lyrics short catchy rifts.


Vanessa Eve sure is one talented girl, thinking she defiantly has the attitude of L7. And unlike the self proclaimed punk princesses ‘The Gingers' at least this gal has something to say.


The breathless quality of ‘Waiting', putting the voice through distortion, and the more harmonious chorus, was a song that makes you realise punk can have soul too, it vaguely reminded me of some of Pink Floyds early stuff, and that song in the film the wall, where Bob Geldolf starts cutting himself. It had that kinda angst.


We all have problems and this album is full of songs that make you want to curl up with a bottle of vodka and get all modaline on the world. But then Nirvana sort off cornered that market. Great album, look forward to catching them live.

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