Shoreside - Desolation

Shoreside - Desolation

Back in 2005, a little known band by the name of Parkway Drive released their first album Killing With A Smile the album broke Australian metalcore into the mainstream and helped shape the future of Australian metal. Fast forward to 2013 and Australian metalcore has become a former shadow of itself, while Parkway still remains, the new blood of Australian metal has lost itself, board shorts and thongs have been replaced by cross-dressing and auto-tuned vocals.

So it was a surprise when i got a copy of Desolation the debut album from Shoreside a local band from Victoria's South-Eastern suburbs and discovered that decent metalcore is in fact not dead.

It begins with the title track a short instrumental track that builds on a atmospheric guitar lead, the song ends before you can be lulled into a false sense of security, kicking into the first song proper 'Eye Of The Storm' Corey Burton screams over the infectious groove, with a chorus that will get stuck in your head for days. The next track 'Close Your Eyes' wouldn't be out of place on Parkway Drives, amazing debut album, however the song finds it's voice when Michael Bujaki and Chris Di Carlo bring the heavy in the middle section, before the emotive solo that ends with the entire band killing it until the end (In a good way).

The following track 'International Man Of Mystery' introduces clean vocals into the mix, Travis Clarke's cleaned , combined with Burton's screams working well over this heavy headbanger. Following that we have the next three standout tracks, 'Blindsight' and 'Alumni' the former track once again shows Burton's ability to create addictive choruses that will stay in your head for days, the latter being a brutal slice of metalcore with some sweet leads near the end from Bujaki.

Near the end of the album we have my personal favourite song off the record 'Wake Of Deceit' the work of the entire band who are clearly in their zone as they rip through this track with a breakdown that is sure to send the pits crazy. We finish the album with 'Chapter One' a brutal track that ends with an atmospheric solo before fading out.

My only criticism is that tracks like 'Humanity' and 'Voices and Visions' don't incorporate the vocals of Clarke as well as they should feeling more like an after thought. However don't let that detract you from what is a surprisingly well crafted and solid album. This band is a welcome return compared to some of the bigger bands in the scene today, they wear their influences firmly on their sleeve, the guitar work very reminiscent of Killing With A Smile era Parkway, with time these guys could craft something unique. But what we have here is a good slice of modern metalcore, the band have created something that while it won't change the world, it's a lot of fun to listen to.
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