Deniz Tek - Detroit

Deniz Tek - Detroit

If anyone was going to make a blistering guitar album called Detroit, it makes sense it would be veteran rocker Deniz Tek.

While Australian listeners may know the name best in association with ground-breaking punk outfit Radio Birdman, Michigan native Tek has spent his fair share of time touring and recording as part of iconic Detroit bands The Stooges and MC5.

Recorded during a two year period from 2010-12, Detroit is another chapter in a storied career, and tracks from the album will be lighting up live venues around the country during March as Tek hits the road again.

Detroit features Tek’s gravelly vocals and acerbic guitar work, over flashes of keys and harmonica and a rock-solid rock ‘n’ roll core.

‘Pine Box’ opens proceedings in a burst of classic blues rock, and given its punchy, sub-three minute duration, the apparent reference to a coffin speaks more to the decay of Motor City than the musician.

It’s been a decade since his previous solo effort, and while the second track, ‘Fate, Not Amenable To Change’, continues the reference to mortality (and plays like ‘Pine Box Part II’), it’s a chugging, compelling beast that really confirms the underlying theme.

‘Ghost Town’ is more stripped back and acoustic, Tek’s haunting voice playing off bursts of harmonica and with a real sense of foreboding looming large.

The gloominess seems to clear for album closer, ‘I’m Alright’ – the title referencing the opening track’s chorus – and while the song tamely fades out to complete the Detroit experience, it would seem premature to think it’s the last you’ll hear of Deniz Tek.
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