No, this isn’t a compilation album of songs by bands signed up to a record label called Delsinki Records. Yes, that’s what I guessed too. It turns out that Melburnian Craig Johnston likes to perform under the name Delsinki Records for some reason. I’m tired of using the term ‘indie’ to describe an artist, but I think Delsinki Records has made something refreshingly different this time around. This eponymous debut EP contains four songs and each has a video made for it on YouTube, so I’ll review each track.

There’s something inherently deep and intimate about the songs here, and it starts off with ‘Burnt Out by the Light’. Delsinki’s voice is quite low and he tends to sing slowly and softly, which adds another layer to this haunting track, which has been inspired by a recently deceased friend of his.

‘In Over My Head’ is much more fun. It’s inspired by a project Delsinki worked on in Western Australia while hanging out with surfer Dane Beevor. The bare bones of the song are a simple repeating guitar chord progression with Delsinki singing over the top. Even though the song doesn’t change much, it sounds quite nice and is one of the better cuts on the EP.

‘What You Dream Is Not Your Fault’ would have to be my least favourite. It seems to have similar ideas to the previous song, but it didn’t excite me in the same way. What I did appreciate was the indigenous elements, such as a didgeridoo, that made the song feel like Australia.

The best song of the EP was left for last. ‘Sanchez’ could be inspired by the success Gotye has experienced worldwide, as the music video feels artistic. It has a tribal, a hillbilly and an Old West feel. Delsinki sings very fast and is accompanied by repeating “hey!” gang vocals and drum taps. It ends with a banjo solo, and I think more songs should try this.

Delsinki Records has given us a brilliant ‘try before you buy’ opportunity here with the accompanying videos. The singer-songwriter has given us something different, and we will have to wait and see if he starts to gain some well-earned success and recognition.
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