This is what we were supposed to be afraid of in rock and roll all those years ago, with Elvis and beyond. The Devil's music.


Let's not call this Joshua Homme's side project; Eagles of Death Metal is some school chums having some fun; by the truckload.


Peace Love Death Metal was brilliant in the simplest way and Death by Sexy continues in the same trailer trash sleaze vein. Praise the lord!


Eagles of Death Metal have undergone a line-up change. No, let's call it a rebirthing. Frontman, Jesse Hughes is back from a sabbatical at a boot scootin' monastery as Boots Electric. Regardless, the red moustachioed one still gives seventies and eighties porn stars a bad name, and we're all the better for it.


His drumming sidekick, formally know as Carlo Von Sexron (you may know him from such projects as Kyuss and QOTSA: Homme) has returned from the farm as Baby Duck.


Thankfully, that is all that has changed as the raw sleaze, innuendo and firm planting of the tongue within cheek are all still there along with more hooks than a Japanese long liner.


The simple things in life…


The opening three tracks, I Want You So Hard, I Got A Feelin' and Cherry Cola, deliver in spades and get your arse into gear, shouting the chorus upon first hearing. The lyrical content alone of the I Got A Feelin' should see it not released in all U.S states, such is it's implications. The addition of "Just 19" to the title is to appease certain groups, I'm sure.


I Like To Move In The Night and Solid Gold ease off a little with a laid back country approach before things freak-out in Don't Speak complete with the Hughes meth fuelled devil laugh. It goes so well with the falsetto, don't you know.


The sound of Boots' Maton casts its own dark shadow over the aptly titled Eagles Goth while Shasta Beast has the man hustling at his best.


While Homme's mark is evident throughout the album, it is with his work from behind the desk where it is evident.


This is definitely Hughes' baby.


Hopefully, the rumours are true and we will see them early next year as they currently tour North America with Peaches. Could we be so lucky?


A couple a good ol' boys, on the ‘shine' pickin' around on the front porch. That's what it's all about; making music and having fun with your friends.

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