King Parrot - Dead Set

King Parrot - Dead Set

Melbourne grindcore trailblazers King Parrot have certainly been riding high the last twelve months. The band have gone from cult icons to seeing their music reaching a wider audience and with there latest offering Dead Set they have not compromised there sound at all. Frontman Matt "Youngy" Young sounds like AC/DC's Brian Johnson on speed and the twin guitar assault of Ari ‘Mr White’ White and Andrew ‘Squiz’ Livingstone-Squires is as heavy and brutal as you will find anywhere. If you have seen King Parrot live, Wayne ‘Slatts’ Slattery on bass brings some comedy relief on stage and Todd ‘Toddy’ Hansen can certainly bash those drums. Those that have a problem with music slightly loud and have to put their ears closely to the speaker to understand the words need not apply, where if these things appeal to you, you’ll have a ball with Dead Set.

'Anthem Of The Advance Sinner' sounds like a horror movie anthem for a nasty slash and gore classic. The title track 'Dead Set' is a clocks in at almost seven minutes of mayhem, which it's guitar parts at times are menacing and at other times feels like you’re in a metal funhouse. 'Hell Comes Your Way' feels like you’re on standby to get the bus to said destination but it sounds like a trip I wanna take. 'Like A Rat' feels like a party favourite at metal clubs in years to come. 'Needs No Savior' has my favourite riff of the album, while 'Punisher' and 'Reject' have some of the album's softer moments...if you can call it that. Songs range from the fast and frenetic one and half minutes to seven minutes hardcore jams.

King Parrot to me don’t seem like a band who will make a “classic album”. They seem more like bands like the Melvins or The Hard Ons. Respected bands with discographies that are all of high quality that don’t have a stand out record but if it has King Parrot on the sleeve, you know it's is going to be of high quality.

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