Davey Lane - Atonally Young

Atonally Young has been a long time coming. Davey Lane has long been a gun for hire in the music scene for over 10 years and his talent has always shone bright, a solo offering has therefore been eagerly anticipated.

The opening track "Komarov" is warm acid come down, enveloping your brain and planting itself down smoothly inside your ears, staying there for the next 4 minutes before taking off again. ‘She’s A Timebomb’, written about four years ago with The Scram, pumps along like a bolting horse.

The track "Not An Option" ear worms itself into the subconcious, a tune that you find yourself humming in your sleep, a sure sign of great track.

Davey proudly wears his influences on his sleeve, early Cheap Trick, early Pink Floyd, and every other power pop band from the 70’s all spring to mind.

In no way is the album derivative, Davey’s individual stamp is all over it, his song writing is impeccable and all the players on the album are at the top of their game.
Atonally Young is one of the year’s best, get on it!
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