Daughn Gibson - Me Moan

Daughn Gibson - Me Moan

This is my first encounter with Daughn Gibson with his latest album Me Moan. After reading some snippets of information about the man and his music I was very interested to hear this record. It doesn’t disappoint at all.

There is a tone to the mostly complimentary backing music here that feels cinematic, like from some dark country, gothic landscape. It isn’t hard to imagine some grand setting, with an incredible story to accompany this soundtrack. Daughn Gibson melts the listener at stages, with a black heart voice that threatens to pull the listener underwater until you realise he is actually on your side, he just has a weight to offload. He has something to share, a vision, a pain and natural radar for a dark tune. The atmosphere is the winner here, coupled with his voice it feels a little like a sucker punch.

There are all kinds of influences within these songs, but Mr Gibson has created a sound that is definitely his own. Whatever genre you want to push this under the umbrella of, there is a whole lot more to it. The variety of sounds is one of the most attractive parts of this record. He hasn’t felt afraid to dabble and try on new hats, and mostly he captures the magic that he was likely seeking for. There are steel pedal guitar licks galore in places sounding like the guitar is almost being twanged to near death in the process.

It doesn’t sound like a whole lot I have heard before, with unique rays coming from each song, and it is a wonderful listen as a whole album, from start to finish. Those who think the ‘album’ as we know it is over are far from correct. In fact, I can imagine turning this over on vinyl, to listen to the second side.

It’s a gorgeous record, a brilliant new find and talent. I am off to find his debut album, the only other of his catalogue to precede this brilliant record. If he gets better from this point then he could be one of the main ones to watch...
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