The Broken Hands - Darkside EP

The Broken Hands - Darkside EP

Darkside is the debut collective from New South Wales-based The Broken Hands.

The four-track EP is the first originals release to come from the evolved two to five piece band originally with Mal Hoy and Lyndon Hooper playing acoustic covers at the local pubs and clubs in the Tempe area in 2009. Stuart Hooper, Daryl Moylan and Stuart Jammin now make-up the five.

The EP exhibits the groups ability to create a clean, loud, steady-pace, straightforward classic yet fresh rock-n-rock sound, despite the heavily mass produced pieces that we are often graced with today.

The record begins with ‘So Far Way’. It starts with an unusual final boarding call for London preparing your ears for the classic simple beat that takes flight. The drumming and distorted guitars develops naturally over the course of the track and becomes easy to pick up.

The mood stays upbeat with the opening distorted guitars of track two, ‘Elvira’, which leads gradually into the standard stretched out rock vocals. This track highlights a progression of sound, which comes through the layering of lyrics, guitars and drums, keeping to a steady momentum.

‘Darkside’ is certainly darker on the lyrics, yet compliments the eager up-beat drumming thats becomes mellower with the vocals as the track progresses. 'Sickman' follows on raising the pulse and completes the EP with more noticeable guitar solos, rhythms and melodies.

The repetitive beat and typical guitar distortion within all of the tracks gives a earnest quality of wanting more, which is then brought to an idling finish.

The Broken Hands began crafting their own songs when Stuart Hooper joined the group and last year recorded four of them which make up the EP Darkside.

The EP Darkside is a solid unveiling of what we can expect with a consistent yet modern rock-n-roll approach with just a few chords and one regular tempo, recapturing the simple aesthetics of the genre. It would be worth checking out a gig.
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