This is my new angst music. As I am constantly riddled with youthful angst and maelstrom, Dancing With Daggers is working as a soundtrack to my life at present. I plan to turn it on and up and sulk or ponder. In reading the liner notes I realised why this might be so. First of all, Magneta Lane is comprised of three gorgeous girls, as per myself. Secondly; I, quite expertly I might add, pegged the album as the girls described it – or at least I think I did. "All the fights, all the thinking, all the voices that you ignore…" Look me in the eye and describe that as something other than angst. I dare you.


That said, I'm slowly reneging on my arrogance…my assertions could indeed be wrong. In fact, god knows that I probably am terribly wrong, as my next-door neighbour stood next to my speakers and danced happily, even though I'd sat brooding on my first few listens. I mean, their bio on Paper Bag (their label's) website claims that there is a "strong female presence that wasn't an adolescent cry in the dark. No juvenile sulking and sneering and no melodrama." I could barely contain my contempt. Pish posh, said I, angrily.


Damnation! There's nothing wrong with an "adolescent cry in the dark"! Well, I suppose, all I can say is that Dancing with Daggers has obviously found a resonance in me that I wasn't supposed to find. Sor –ry! I exclaimed indignantly.


If there's any indication that the music is most certainly a recording of torment and struggle, this review should be it. I'm getting very aggravated just penning it.


Vocally, there's quite an Alanis sound going on. Thankfully, admitting to liking Magneta Lane will be a lot less painful than admitting my fairly shameful love for Alanis. I think it must be the Canada element. They're Canadian by the way. I'm dying to sing the song from Ren and Stimpy. Canada is such a hit and miss musical nation. Alanis. Celine. Shudder, Avril.


Anyway! There's a chick rock element to the album that isn't overbearing or politically motivated or man hating. Dancing With Daggers is great lyrical indie rock. It sways, swaggers. And, hurray for feminism, it's chicks doing it. I'm allowed to say chicks because I am a chick. Oh, and while I'm angry, I'm going to let this out. If I read one more review of a chick band that says they retain their femininity (as I did about Magneta Lane) I'm going to vomit. By virtue of the vagina they are women and are feminine regardless of what they do on stage, or what they sing. Perhaps it's just reinvention of what femininity is: long live change. Take Patti Smith or Brody Dalle, whatever – still chicks, still feminine.


Dancing with Daggers is just great music in general I suppose. I really appreciated it. Hail Canada!

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