Listen to this and you will have descended into an indie punk chasm whereby anything inferior is instantly discernable as bad. You will be surrounded by walls of what is good and will struggle to climb out to again experience rubbish music. Well, you question, am or I blessed or am I a better man with my extensive Good Charlotte collection? Moreover, why my absurd pomp and circumstance? Because, Tolkien that I am, I'd say that Crusades seems to go on a fairly colossal journey from beginning to end.


I can't even decide how this comparison came around but, I'm going to say it. Lord of the Rings goes punky. Granted, the decision to label the record as such only came about on the sixth, seventh listen. Previously I'd been bopping around like a nutter. I also stopped bopping to read the lyrics. I love lyrics that are conveniently written in the liner notes so very, very much. I definitely have to admit that I found a deeper understanding of the album from reading them. I'd suggest you do the same when you do purchase the album, i.e.: read the words. However, I also hate cds that have the songs listed on the back without the correlating numbers! It's a pet hate of mine, along with birds with giant pecky beaks.


Anyway, great fresh riffs. I couldn't pin them down as being someone else's and what a blessing that was. Enough technicalities. I said riff. I think I need a good lie down. Perhaps I got to much sun before I sat down to write my spiel.


It's hard to explain, but I didn't feel as though Crusades was an album that I'd newly acquired. For those of you who are familiar with Almost Famous, in particular when Penny Lane advises "If you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends." Well, it's like that. It's like pulling out long lost friends from the back of a pile in your favourite grungy non conformist music shop.


Favourite tracks? I'm so pleased you asked. Phoenix and the Faultline equals awesome. A great opener, but it really goes off in its own right. Iron city Jungles, had me nodding for its entirety. Essentially, I really did love every track on the album, (insert bad cliché here,) all killer, no filler.


To be honest, I'm amazed that I've taken to something I've heard nothing about so quickly and easily. Not that I'm difficult to please, a fact that my few lovers will attest to… (I jest.) This is straight to the iPod stuff – no screwing around; this is an album you'll want to have on your person at all times.

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