nevereleven - Crunch

Oh my god. I'm a fairly open minded person. I've sat through gigs where stoned out wannabe avant-guard ‘musicians' bang on random objects for the sake of their ‘art'. However, never again do I want to hear lyrics: "Let's sing along / Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah." I'm serious. I played the CD back to see if they were for real. They were; but let's not talk about the lack of substance on Crunch.


That said, I don't doubt that nevereleven (from the look of this single) are standing in good stead to make a killing from an oft-neglected niche market. Pre-pubescent girls that think they're far more hard-core than they are because they have an unhealthy appreciation of sissy pop-rock: they would eat this up.


I can't help but be reminded of the tragic Christian pop-rock bands that used to come to my high school. They'd roll up their shirt sleeves to look cool and sing; ‘rock out' about Jesus. What's more is that the lead singer reminds me of the guy from The Calling. He's all blonde hair, blue eyes and butt-chin – the perfect pre teen pin up. Sadly though for nevereleven, the kid from The Calling has a far more interesting voice.


Anyway, Bucket Love, the opening track, reeks of a ‘we started a band to pick up chicks' mentality to me. I'm obviously not the kind of girl these boys are looking for if we're going by the lyrics "You'll stay if I sing and you like it."


I tried to bop along to Between the Clouds, the next song, but it hurt my brain.


Tasteless is the only song on the single that even vaguely interested me. I thought that it was about the good time girl that isn't what the lyricist wanted. I venture to guess that the sentiment is quite cute. She was fine at the time, but you want more: god knows? Love, affection, companionship maybe? The song lacks any passion that would back up the ambiguous lyrical sentiment. There's no bitterness or desire, loss, anger, lust, resentment. Nothing. There was nothing that I could discern anyway.


Essentially, I narrowed it down to the insipid lyrics and lacklustre vocals that killed this otherwise passable recording.

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