Stone Sour - Come What(ever) May

The side-project. When it works it can be a showcase of talent that eclipses the bands the members broke away from, but when it doesn't work, well you end up with something along the lines of Stone Sour. This band's second release titled "Come What(ever) May" is a perfect example of music at its most pedestrian.


The album starts off hardcore with plenty of screaming, driving guitars and pounding bass and drums. It loses momentum mid way through, the edges become softer, if not altogether weak, and the band transform from what started off as some kind of hardcore screaming monster into…well Creed and Velvet Revolver's love child. I wasn't impressed with how the album started and I was as equally impressed with how it ended, which is in some form of try-hard epic rock ballad.


Stone Sour is fronted by Corey Taylor (of Slipknot fame) and he brings to this group his mixture of screaming vocals and soft melodious ones, which never seem to quite figure themselves out. From the unremarkable voice that leads the band, to the equally unremarkable guitar riffs, this album has a refined soporific effect. There was some decent drumming but not much else stood out in the crowd. This type of music has been done before, and I might add, much better.


From what is a very ordinary (I want to use the word beige) album I was able to find some interest when listening to songs such as "Made Of Scars", "Your God", "Through Glass", "1st Person" and "Cardiff". The CD artwork looked interesting but after one listen to this album my interest stopped there.

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