Concord Dawn - Chaos by Design

Intelligent Drum and Bass, how I missed thee.


New Zealand pioneers of Drum and Bass, Concord Dawn, have returned from an all too long hiatus to release their best album to date.


The bands 4th LP, ‘Chaos by design' is a mature, sophisticated fusion of dance, classical, ambient and in parts, indie rock. The album's sound is made by engulfing clever dance tracks with hauntingly dark moments.


‘Chaos by Design' pushes the boundaries of electronic music to truly enchant the listener, whether that be in ones lounge room or in a busy nightclub – mixed expertly into a very complete album if listened to from start to finish.


‘Chaos by Design' is an exciting step for Drum and Bass in New Zealand and Australia and features collaborations with Tiki of Salmonella Dub, Hollie Smith and State of Mind.


The opening track and obvious first single ‘Broken Eyes' is hard and fast, a bit of a hark back to the older material of Concord Dawn. The second track, Chloroform, is really where the listener can hear Concord Dawn maturing. The build up is gradual, teasing really, holding to comparative quiet for as long as musically possible before unleashing a barrage of dance beats.


Perhaps the most interesting song of the album is track 9, ‘Never give up on love', a truly beautiful track, which is not a common adjective for the dance or Drum and Bass genre – it features Tiki of Salmonella Dub.


The Australian release of ‘Chaos by Design' includes a bonus 16 track ‘chaos mix' CD which includes several interesting mixes of the first CD. The mixes on the second CD are more, well, chaotic, more attuned to raves than quiet reflection – the second CD also includes the hit single of the ‘Uprising' album, ‘Morning Light.'


‘Chaos by Design' will remind both clubbers and musical scholars what Drum and Bass can be all about. It is a reminder of the creativity that exists in electronic music.


‘Chaos by Design' receives 9 summer festival offers out of 10.

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