Cave - Threace

Cave - Threace

Self labelled as a ‘cosmic Chicago instrumental quartet,’ Cave have hit back with their third album Threace, which has been described as a mix of riff-heavy space-rock with tripped out erotica, funk and soul-jazz. Funnily enough, the five track album absolutely lives up to its zealous characterisation.

Drawing inspiration from German krautrock, the ever changing troupe have chosen to dampen their usually tumultuous blend of sounds heard on their previous LPs Neverless (2011) and Psychic Psummer (2009) and opted for earthy grooves. With the repeated pattern of guitar riff, nonchalant percussion and savory keyboard counter melodies; every track manages to have a diverse flavour and spirit. This is due to the immense spectrum of genres utilized throughout the album.

The opening track ‘Sweaty Fingers’ commences as an effortlessly streaming funk piece; including wah-wah guitar and congas to support the solid rhythm. However, the song abruptly has a bi-polar fit as heavily distorted guitar jumps in and erases every trace of the base funk. But then dissolves and returns to its original bouncy beat.

  This quirkiness is also heard in tracks ‘Arrows Myth’ with drastic mood changes and in ‘Shikaakwa’ due to the introduction of flowing jazz beats. ‘Slow Bern’ is the closing track to the album and finishes the collection perfectly. It is nothing like the previously heard songs and allows the listener to rest as the album fades out.

In true Cave fashion they have once again produced something unique and rather out-of-this-world. Instrumental music can take a while to get used to but their application of musical techniques and catchy rhythms have allowed ‘Threace’ to be an incredible listen.
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