The Earth, The Sea, The Moon, The Sky is Sydney based singer/songwriter Catherine Traico's follow up to the extolled album Gloriosa with the band The Starry Night. It's fair to say it definitely exceeds expectations.

Bringing her usual mix of folk-roots-blues sound and fragile lyrics, Catherine creates a silky soundscape of dreamy melodies with moments of severe punch. Her story telling ability and lyrical structure mirror those of Jeff Buckley, however she includes the occasional quirky hook of the likes of Regina Spektor which is highlighted best on the closing track 'A Strangers Lullaby.'

'One by One' is the perfect opening to this 11 track album, setting the tone for the rest of Catherine's compositions. Sedative electric guitar accompanies the soft vocals and forces you to get sucked into a dream-like state and will leave you slowly swaying side to side.

This is contrasted by 'Light in the Dark' which utilised strong drum beats and tambourine to create a driving, dark piece which stands out among the rest.

All-in-all, The Earth, The Sea, The Moon, The Sky is a memorable collection of smooth sounds which have been excellently composed and produced.

Catherine and The Starry Night will be captivating audiences in Sydney and other NSW towns while on tour this December.
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