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'That aussie OC band' has a new album. Is it enough to outweigh the aforementioned line? As you would know, Youth Group recorded a version of 'Forever Young' which was used on the OC and has been a huge success for them. I know people who have gone to their shows on the strength of that affiliation and that song. Is there more to this band or is that as good as it gets? Well, dear readers I may have the answer to that question. Read on.


Not just an overnight success - Youth Group have been together in some form or another since 1998. Not in the same formation as today, but the basis was there. So, we cant say they havent put any work in.


'On a string' is a nice little track, something that seems like it will grow on the listener. I must say that the album sounds very American - whether this is a good or bad thing I will leave up to you to decide. A lot of the tracks have the same vibe - very cruisey and early beatles/monkees.


'Under the underpass' picks up a bit and changes the vibe, a welcome change. I like where this song is going. It is more rock and less cruisey, lets say it has more guts.


"I lye awake at night staring up at my roof. Now you're gone. For weeks I've had your pretty face hanging in my brain." so begins the song 'Daisychains' and we start to see the songwriting capability of this band.


The last track on the album happens to be the much discussed 'Forever Young'. Is there more to Youth Group than 'Forever Young'? Well yes there is. A few songs showed a potential that needs to be explored more. I'm more taken with the tracks that take a different vibe and try something different. I think this cd will be a grower for many.

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