It’s the second round for beloved Melbourne chanteuse Cash Savage and her band The Last Drinks. Their latest album The Hypnotiser brings signature Savage sombre vocals and raw and open lyrics accompanied by a folk-blues sound.

With bluesy riffs and folky strings this album is rich with songs of heartbreak and a haunted past looking for a better tomorrow.

“Something Better” is an ode to the drink and loneliness. Savage solemnly sings, “Maybe I should sit back down and finish this drink in front of me, but I’ve found something better and she’s waiting for me.”

Title track “Hypnotiser” features the remarkable backing vocals of a full gospel choir building the song into a force of nature that is carried by a steady blues beat.

“I’m in love” is a refreshingly upbeat and joyous song with jolly twang of a cheeky banjo. You jump on board the love train as Savage freely admits, “I’m in Love!”

“Five Boys, One Farm” is a folk tale of brothers and their family farm. With a mournful fiddle hovering and screeching in the background, you are lead into the family drama.

Cash Savage is a woman who bares her heart in her songs and doesn’t shy away from putting it all out there. There is something comforting about her honest lyrics and deep earthy vocals. There are many references to drinking and it does have a seedy undertone, however there is also a sobriety in the way Savage delivers her experiences and feelings.

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