All I can say say When Everything Goes Wrong is 'catchy catchy catchy'. A few listens of this bad boy had me humming the riffs and singing the lyrics for DAYS! Something I don’t think my partner was particularly impressed by, but what can I say a good record deserves mental repetition.

Call the Shots has produced a record the displays well-crafted lyrics, flawless guitar riffs and a poppy as f singer, definitely spells the making of a very impressive and successful pop punk release. The boys, hail from downtown Brisbane, are certainly making their mark on the scene. They are a mashing together of many previous attempts at tearing a pop punk shaped hole in the scene, and damn have they found a great mix of members and sound this time around.

The EP starts off with a bang with track 'Breakups are fun' a short punchy opener that certainly sets the scene for the tracks to come. It also includes an A Day to Remember style breakdown, which just makes me smile.

Track two, 'Alexis Texas', has a crazy drum beat and riff combination that I just can’t resist head bopping…or banging I guess, to. Bopping seems to mainstream pop for these boys.

Track three, 'So worth it', is probably my favourite on this EP. There is something relatable about the lyrics that just hit home. Plus like all the rest of the tracks it is so catchy it’s infectious.

Track four, 'I’ll Pop your punk', which features punk royalty Tony Lovato from Mest, definitely reminds me of them. The band I imagine was the inspiration for it. It seems to spin lyrically sticking it to someone into an almost happy facade.

The record finishes with a quieter number, which I think is just perfect. Especially given its title, 'The World is ours tonight'. After this record that statement is certainly true about these boys.

“Sometimes I wanna give up, I wanna get out, I wanna leave everything I have here safe and sound, to find when I return. Sometimes I wanna give up, I wanna get out, I wanna leave everything I have here in this town to find the reason why it’s so worth it”. I think the band has found the reason why it’s so worth it with this record.
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