Buchanan - Human Spring

Buchanan - Human Spring

Human Spring is the debut album from Melbourne-born indie rock band Buchanan, following on from The Safety Beach and No Photo EPs. Having drawn comparisons to the likes of Phoenix and Band of Horses, it’s exciting for the band’s quickly growing fan base to finally have a full-length Buchanan record and – trust me – it’s a good one.

The project of Josh Simons in collaboration with a number of friends, Buchanan has garnered positive reviews for, well, pretty much everything they’ve done since their formation in 2009. The band has emphasised the fact that the album was made with the intent of cohesion, and it’s paid off. Based around the idea of the ‘human’ side of war, Human Spring is tightly edited with impressively polished production work.

I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I’m glad title track ‘Human Spring’ has been released as a single alongside the actual album’s release. It’s insanely catchy: just try getting ‘Ain’t got no violent heart / Still we will make our mark’ out of your head. More than that though, it captures the energy of the album with its anthem-like undertones and soaring vocals.

That’s not to say the rest of the album is lacking, though. Swelling strings harmonies pepper the album, an addition that works really well alongside the traditional guitars/drums/vocals lineup, in ‘Act Natural’ and ‘Temperamentally’ in particular. The stripped back ‘Sit It Out’ is a change of pace that’s a little unexpected but refreshing: Buchanan can definitely do acoustic.

The abundance of local indie pop and rock bands doing the rounds can make it difficult for an album to stand out but Human Spring, filled with memorable guitar hooks, clever lyrics and catchy vocals, does just that. Three cheers for you, Buchanan: this is not just an impressive debut album, it’s an impressive album full stop.
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