Bruce Mathiske - My Life

Instrumental albums are an increasingly seldom seen occasion in the current music industry, with a mainstream audience barely finding time for tracks without a hot, young vocalist taking the spotlight. This leaves only a few instrumentalists to get the opportunity to release music commercially, Australian classical guitar virtuoso Bruce Mathiske is one of those lucky few.

My Life is a self reflection recording made by Mathske to highlight original and cover tracks which helped define him as the musician he is today. His renditions of The Rolling Stone’s ‘Paint it Black’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘Is There Anybody Out There’ make for a much more relatable transition between his original works.

Mathiske’s broad range of stylistic influences is also on display through this LP. From the latin based ‘In Rhythm’ to the North African ‘Destination Morocco’, there is a clear appreciation for the art of world music on Mathiske’s part, a trait which is rarely seen but highly appreciated. Hopefully upon listening to this record, young aspiring musicians would be inspired to branch out beyond the conventional rock guitar.

The two tracks ‘Make Your Bed’ and ‘I’m Not The Same’ are the only that feature Mathiske’s deep, husky vocal tones, which to be honest is a shame because they are a welcome accompaniment to his already established guitar skills and prove to be some of the best tracks of the whole album.

If nothing else, My Life shows off the ability of a masterful musician who’s experience and skill is evident within every note played. This record won’t reach platinum sales or be a worldwide hit, but would definitely be a must-have for any lover of classical guitar or easy listening music.

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