The current state of blues music is somewhat of an odd one. The universal appreciation of it remains, however there is a real lack of any exciting, young acts coming through to put their own take on the classic genre.

Brothers Grim and the Blue Murders are here to change all of that, complete with slide guitar and double bass. Their latest EP Bad Blood could easily have come straight out of the swamps of Louisiana, such is its dirtiness. Opener ‘Been A While’ immediately sets the scene, its verses imploring the listener to get up and boogie. Later on, the slide guitar of ‘Friends Like These’ carries the track into an impressively rocking finish.

The Brothers Grim are renowned throughout Melbourne’s bars as a fantastic live act and it shines through on the record. ‘Baby Girl’s searing delivery is probably the best example of this, its faced paced rhythm and gang vocals sure to be a hit in live scenarios. In fact, ‘Baby Girl’ will probably remind listeners of a certain [B]Iggy Pop[/B} or [B}Rose Tattoo[/B}.

Where the Brothers really succeed though, is their ability to combine the blues influences with a traditional pub rock sound, infusing their tracks with thumping energy. Much of this is rooted in James Grim’s vocal delivery, sounding as if his vocal chords had been soaking in whiskey for years before the record was made. The sleazy lyrics of ‘Ease On In’ are perfectly delivered, to the point where one can imagine Grim lamenting his one night stands at the bar stool next to you.

[I]Bad Blood[/I] is a fantastic collection of tracks that see the band successfully transfer their raw energy from the stage to the studio – a feat that many bands struggle with. Even more impressive though, is their ability to infuse their blues swagger with a newfound catchiness. It certainly is an impressive step up for the band and a sign of great, yet oh so dirty things to come.
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