A massive mission was set for fans of Boards of Canada a few weeks ago to hunt down multiple clues to find out details about the band’s eventual and long-awaited new album Tomorrow’s Harvest with a huge tracklisting featuring 17 songs. Was it worth the investigating and hunting fans spent hours on?

First track ‘Gemini’ gives off a vibe of intensity, which leads you to expect more of the same from the album with a track that sounds as though it belongs in the sequel to Inception.

The album’s first single ‘Reach For The Dead’ is the one everyone’s loved and heard already and for good reason. It is a solid song through and through and it’s what you’d expect from Boards of Canada given their discography.

Without much of a beat through the songs ‘White Cyclosa’, ‘Telepath’ ‘Split Your Infinities’ and “Uritual”, the songs still manage to keep their presence on the album known and you can definitely hear the difference between the group regardless of their constancy in their eeriness.

Personal favourites ‘Palace Posy’ and ‘New Seeds’ stand out with their stunning sounds and they are much difference in comparison to the rest of the album. They’re the unexpected little gems with a uniqueness in their playfulness.

The album is generally very interesting and rather different to what else is more well-known out there, and although it isn’t my own cup of tea, credit where credit’s due. This is a very good album that has its highs and lows and creates something epic, strong, eerie, complex and soaring.

There’s few other ways to summarise it and this is why everyone should give it a listen themselves. It’s one of those few ‘hear it to believe it’ records.
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