Beaches - She Beats

Beaches - She Beats

I’m a sucker for surf rock. Wavves, Best Coast, Surfer Blood, Jenny and Johnny…I eat that shiz up. The fuzzy riffs, the staggeringly simply chord progressions, the lyrical formula of “Why don’t you love me?/Stuff it, I’m gonna get high,” makes up the bulk of my musical diet. I was always going to like the latest from Beaches, the Melbourne-based psychedelic group who nabbed an AMP nomination back in 2008.

It’s tripped out, hazy, and owes as much to The Andrews Sisters as to The Ramones. There are five members in the band, and you can hear each one distinctly, even as their instruments mesh into a dense, amorphous soundscape. It’s dreamy as all heck and will undoubtedly infiltrate many a roadtrip playlist before the year is out.

Lyrically, it’s feather-light: heavy on repetition, with the three contributing vocalists lazily rotating from lead to back-up without the listener ever really noticing any change. None of the individual songs are particularly distinctive- though ‘Distance’ and ‘Send Them Away’ are both strong- but as far as an afternoon of kicked back listening goes, it’s perfectly inoffensive. And if you’re going to do psychedelia, you don’t want to be occupying too much of your audience’s attention, anyway.

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