Bad//Dreems - Badlands

Bad//Dreems - Badlands

Music is becoming lazier and lazier. Surf-pop is the next stage in a long train of lazy music, much adored by flower crown toting girls and guys who boast about smoking pot. It seems as if this popular genre, currently big on the Australian music scene, is the logical continuation of mid-2000s pop-punk and pop-rock; the same fans, just older and more ‘refined’. They don’t want to search for the meaning of their last breakup in the lyrics of a whiney ballad, nor are they young enough to be seen moshing to My Chemical Romance. No, these fans want to get intoxicated and jump around to simple pop music, created by long haired Adelaidian boys Bad//Dreems, who pass pop off as indie.

Of course, whilst the fan base may be questionable, the music doesn’t seem to absolutely mirror the cumulative visage that is the Adelaide hipster chick. Yes Badlands, the debut release from Adelaide surf-pop band Bad//Dreems, does fall into that predictable and somewhat overdone sound (thanks Wavves) that is half grunge, half pop. But Bad//Dreems do actually write good music. Whilst ‘Caroline’ borders on the clichéd go-to radio standard that we have come to expect from any Australian indie band these days, the track is catchy and does deserve the Triple J treatment it has received. But ‘Caroline’ almost sounds out of place on an album filled with melancholic, almost depressive hazy pop songs, like ‘Tomorrow Mountain’ which is probably the most experimental the band actually gets. As is ‘Chills’, the opening track, which opens with a lazy guitar melody that is smooth and very summery; ironic on a track about old rainy Adelaide.

Bad//Dreems are not pioneers in their field. They aren’t exploring any new ground or creating sounds we haven’t heard before. But they are making nice music that is very easy to listen to and quite fun at the same time; something that many musicians probably forget about. I don’t think this is the last we will hear from Bad//Dreems, and I’m sure the band is just getting started.
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