Karnivool - Asymmetry

Karnivool - Asymmetry

Asymmetry is the highly anticipated third album from Perth-based band Karnivool due to be released Friday July 19, the follow-up from their acclaimed 2005 debut, Themata and the 2009 ground breaking Sound Awake.

Karnivool established themselves as one of the most vital forces in the progressive modern music scene and Asymmetry is no exception.

Encompassing the title Asymmetry the album’s true character lies in the unity and balance of the unique imperfections despite its differences throughout. It is compelling and organic, and redefines the true nature of Karnivool, and their ability to explore new territories.

'Aum' is the short opening instrumental track, with echoing strings, a subtle beat and a beautifully haunting dream-like hum. It's immediately leads into 'Nachash' which awakens the senses with a quick intricate rhythm of bass and beat, and Ian Kenny's synthesised voice, only for a few seconds before you are captured by his plethoric voice and a slower more stretched-out pace.

'A.M WAR' is faster, exaggerated with a consistent bass, with a destructive WAR sound. While the lyrics have an angry, given-up saddened attitude of the ignorant individual.

'We Are' is the latest track to be released via Triple J, to give Karnivool fans a teaser. It's heavier, but has a slower bass, beat and calmer nature all-round. The track has a pondering, reflecting feel which resonates through the lyrics: "I want us to break the case we’re in. We’ve worn it for too long . This catatonic skin. Remove all our parts. I want us to face the shape we’re in. A world of confusion. Awaits our sons and kin. Let’s reset it all..."

Track five 'The Refusal' features heavier stretched-out screams, a slower majestic guitar, consistent beat that has a balance between the heavier to the slower areas of the track. 'Aeons' has a gentle beat, with the focal point being the bass. It holds great unity between the guitar and a vocal release of a full-bodied chest voice.

'Asymmetry' has a circus-like sound, imagining a clown-head moving from side-to-side. A repetitive, yet balanced synthesised stretched guitar that leads into chilling purposely broken vocals. A very unique and artistically sound track.

'Eidolon' holds a mellow simple sound that leads into cleverly placed juxtaposed voices, and consistently paced drums and guitar. Throughout 'Sky Machine' it has a gentler feel, featuring a defined guitar and a solid founding beat. This track highlights the versatility of the vocals and resonating lyrics.

'Amusia' is a thick instrumental piece with an extra-terrestrial-like background track. 'The Last Few' follows on with a heavy thicker sound, a harmonious pairing between the bass and drums, and echoing vocals.

'Float' is light and loose with vocals and gentle guitar, supported by a subtle choir and organ overlay. 'Alpha Omega' embraces a little darker and thicker path, snippets of a slow hollow sound leading into high mesmerising vocals and bass, and seems to hold a similar connecting sound to the track 'Asymmetry.'

The album ends with the lyric-less 'Om', consisting of gentle piano-keys and a retro-radio narrating in the background giving a sense of individuality and loneliness. Each track is certainly different, yet captures the desire to listen carefully, almost hypnotic.

Asymmetry demonstrates Karnivool’s natural evolution. It holds a raw beauty within the loaded sound and lyrics, crafting a quality that every listener and musician will have a unique experience or interpretation. The album is like a ‘finger-print’ not one track is the same, and yet has personal balanced touch about it.

The guys dedicated four years of focused writing and designed the album in their Perth studio, which then ventured off to Byron Bay’s Studios 301 to team-up with renowned producer, Nick Didia. Didia is also known for his work on Rage Against The Machine, Mastadon and many more.

Asymmetry certainly supports Ian Kenny’s path: “To me it’s about balance,” adds Kenny. “When two halves are slightly different but one and the same, there is harmony. That's what we as a band want to find in music, and in people. The core of Karnivool is always looking inwards. We turn to each other for the next move and that's where we, as a collective, find a way to create something that we call our own. It's the people in this band that separate us from the status quo; it’s why we’ll continue to push all boundaries until we fall over the edge.”

The standout track is very hard to choose because of the uniqueness of each piece, but 'A.M WAR,' 'We Are,' 'Aeon' and 'Asymmetry' are addictive. The entire album from start to finish conveys the message 'to awaken and think outside the square'.

Asymmetry has a harmonious yet unbalanced affair that compels the listener to place it on repeat. It is artistic, unique and brings an overwhelming desire to see what Karnivool do with their next ‘blank canvas’. Asymmetry is a must have!

Check out the tour dates below, supporting the release of Asymmetry or head to the bands website and Facebook page to keep up-to-date with the upcoming news, releases and tours.

Karnivool Asymmetry Tour 2013
(With special guests Northlane)

Tuesday July 30 – The Barton Theatre, Adelaide (All ages)

Thursday August 1 – Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne

Friday August 2 – Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne

Sunday August 4 – The Big Top, Luna Park, Sydney (All ages)

Wednesday August 7 – Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane

Sunday August 11 – Metro City, Perth

Tickets for the Adelaide show are through venuetix.com.au. All other show tickets through oztix.com.au. Alternatively, any tickets can be purchased through the band’s website at karnivool.com. Ticket sales begin Thursday June 20 at 9 am (AEST).

Karnivool ‘We Are’ - Official Video
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