Hailing from the expenditiously growing music scene of Brisbane, Astrid and the Asteroids have released a brand new, self-titled EP on the back of their previous Horoscopes. Combining 90's pop finesse with wafting moments of melody, this 5 track mini-album will leave you either dancing or sitting down in awe.
Astrid and the Asteroids is the product of the band winning the 2012 Billy Thorpe Scholarship at the Queensland Music Awards, allowing them to work with masters of the music industry including engineer Jeff Lovejoy. Production of this album was executed perfectly as the cosmic sounds are crystal and levels are spot on, making the atmosphere edgy and easily appreciated.

The first single and opening track 'West End' explores the indie scene of the Brisbane suburb of the same name. Being a Brisbane local and regular West End visitor myself, I must say this song is an extremely accurate dig at a majority of the crowd there. With Super Mario-esque keyboards and prominent bass this song is a pool of upbeat instrumental layers and sharp spoken vocals that make the song just so darn catchy.

Second track 'Autopsy' has understandably stolen the spot of second single. Beginning with a breezy planetary flow the drum kit is slowly introduced and the chorus is a blast of electric guitar, piano and jumping vocals. This increasing inclusion of instruments and contrast between sections means once you get to the chorus, you have started jiggling in your place without realising.

Through the superb songwriting of leading lady Astrid Jorgensen, Astrid and the Asteroids have produced a fantastic, versatile album that will certainly give them the credit to create a astronomical LP soon.
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