Arca - Xen

Xen is the debut LP from Arca, the wild imaginings of Venezuelan producer, Alejandro Ghersi. Set to be released on the 7th November, this album could be the soundtrack for an art installation where the grotesque meets the sublime.

Sinister and glorious, this totally original, instrumental, 15 track album spanning 40 minutes pioneers the future sounds of electronic music. Heavily orchestrated, cinematic soundscapes that are free in form and move in and out of regular meter.

Arca successfully breaks all the rules when it comes to creating music as he melds classical and electronic elements, pushing them into this millennium. The sonic landscape he creates finds equilibrium between bright sounds and mellow bass. Giving the listener a glimpse into his mind, Arca manipulates familiar electronic sounds to produce one of the most interesting and original albums of the year.

'Thievery' is the first release from the album and offers a more mainstream approach, even though it sits far from anything you will hear on commercial radio with its tribal rhythms and synth riff. 'Silt Thru' and 'Sisters' are more regular in meter and mainstream in form. 'Wound' features elongated string pads and a hint of vocoder, in what is almost like a hymn. 'Tongue' is slightly jazz inspired with syncopated synth horn jabs and no beats with an underlying high pitch repetitive bleat.

This isn't an album you'll dance to unless you completely lack any sense of rhythm. It is however, something of a masterpiece for anyone obsessed with electronic music.
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