Animal Hands - Animal Hands

Animal Hands - Animal Hands

Australian grunge in the ‘90s was a precious thing. But its absence has been felt by many in the Australian music scene while indie-pop becomes less catchy and more repetitive. Animal Hands is a band that has enough balls to bring back the grunge, fronted by Danielle Whalebone, a woman with all the strength and grace of Adalita Srsen of Magic Dirt. All of the songs on their self-titled EP sound like they belong on the soundtrack to Secret Life of Us, which I hope you know is a good thing. Those were the days.

This is a three-piece band with Stuart Dyason on both bass and lead guitar, and Tom Wright on drums and vocals. You can tell when listening to the recording that there aren’t too many in the band, which works so well for this genre. Sometimes when you keep it simple the music speaks for itself.

The opening track, ‘Defiance’ emphasises Whalebone’s ability to switch between a sweet as sugar voice and a growl that you wouldn’t wanna fuck with. ‘Paper Crown’ shows all the self-abandonment of a punk rocker, as Whalebone sings “I could never make love to you, No matter how hard I try, there is nothing left to do, But get myself high”.

Whalebone changes her tune, so to speak, in the more uplifting song ‘This is the Day’, which also happens to be the only song Whalebone didn’t compose. The final track, ‘Bed of Dolls’ received plenty of positive feedback after its release as a single, and it fits beautifully into this EP. The distorted guitar has more of the limelight and it has just the right amount of angst, as she ruefully sings that; “Mama, she don’t want me”.

The striking cover art also deserves a mention, it is both morbid and beautiful, much like the music. Animal Hands is a steady EP, and the band should be proud of their individuality in the current music scene, I should think they’ll stand out.

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