Andrew Wyatt - Descender

Solo albums are glorious things; they can act as side projects for musicians to explore all the things that their previous ventures never could. This is exactly the case for Andrew Wyatt, most commonly known as the frontman of electro-pop outfit Miike Snow.

Descender is the first solo project for Wyatt and comes straight after last years Happy To You from his main band Miike Snow. Gone are the dance hooks and pulsing bass lines and in their place come a sophisticated blend of symphonic and vintage pop elements. To be completely honest, it is a confusing recording to listen to, with more songs leaning towards the experimental side rather than the conventional pop styling Wyatt is accustom to delivering.

Tracks like ‘The Brazilian’ and ‘Descender (Death of 1000 Cuts)’ especially highlight the obscurity of the album, seeing Wyatt dive into abstract, reverberated organ mode. At times, the final product is a bit difficult to listen to, with most listeners probably reaching for the skip button.

That being said, Wyatt hasn’t totally forgotten his pop roots, with two main singles ‘And Septimus…’ and ‘Harlem Boyzz’ acting as the saving grace for a commercial listener. ‘Harlem Boyzz’ harnesses the pop of the 70’s alongside the 75 piece Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, while ‘And Septimus…’ acts as a strange adaptation of old western music.

Descender really is a strange work from Wyatt, and gives an abstract insight into his creative processes. From a commercial point of view, it won’t make even a blip on the radar in comparison to Miike Snow’s work, however this was never the intention. Wyatt has created a unique album that will confuse, surprise and inspire many different people, whilst keeping his other ventures completely unscathed. Very nice work sir.

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