This album isn't new. It came out around the start of last year. Actually I'm hanging for them to release their new album, but as far as debut albums go this one rocks my socks. In true punk style 3 chicks, who weren't necessarily good at playing their instruments at first, got together and cranked out a few songs.


The result is a 35 minute album full of catchy riffs and sing-out-loud songs. The singles released from it were ‘Paco doesn't love me', ‘Hey Hey Baby', and ‘My Boyfriends Back' (a cover of The Angels 1963 hit). The songs on this album are about smoking cigarettes, driving around with boys and so on. Their songs are fun and to the point, no messing about. The other thing I like about this album is that all three members, who as well as playing their instruments give singing a go. Drummer Ally Spazzy donates her vocal chords to the song ‘Steal a kiss' and does a simple but good job of it. My highlight songs from the album are ‘Sunshine Drive' and ‘Cigarettes'.


The other part of this album is the bonus SpazzTV DVD you got with it for a limited time. It's got some behind the scenes footage of the ‘Hey Hey Baby' filmclip and just some other random bits and pieces. Those lucky Spazzys got to hang out with Marky Ramone and there's even footage of them jamming ‘Blitzkreig Bop' with him. There's also Ally's confession that she wants to marry Marky Ramone but not much else. For a freebie it's pretty cool, but way too short.


The Spazzys are a really top live band to see and the sound that comes across on this album is only merely a preview. But I won't lie, this album makes me want to jump around recklessly and sometimes when it's on, I do.

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