E-Wah Lady - Almost Sold My Axe

E-Wah Lady is, a lady (that's a given), who seems to rely on herself to get things done. Judging by the homemade yet impressive packaging of this EP., and the raw, very live feel of this recording, ‘E', as we like to call her here in the office (okay there's no ‘we' and the ‘office' is just my toilet) likes to get things done without waiting for the corporate types to send her wads of cash to fulfill her destiny. And getting things done is something she most certainly does with energy and passion.


I was initially intrigued by the title of the e.p., Almost Sold My Axe. Was she once considering giving up her dreams of becoming a troubadour(ette?) and pawning her guitar, or ‘axe', as the young people refer to them in these here modern times. Or was she once a lumberjack, from a long line of lumberjacks, and just damn tired of picking splinters out of her hands every night before heading of to perform at the local lumberjack boozer? It's clearly something to debate over at the country club after a long day at the office.


I envisage this all being performed and recorded in a dark, dank little club with just the sound engineer as company. There are six tracks here, mostly comprised of just an electric ‘axe', and the sometimes apathetic, sometimes edgy husky vocals of Ms. Wah. Because of the stripped back to nearly bone and sinew approach, the songs crackle with intimacy and directness. You can almost hear the tiny bullets of spittle launching themselves at the microphone. To me, this musical tact almost makes alternative music, with its walls of overproduced guitars, synthesizers and leather pants seem defunct and dull. There's only so much noise and mayhem you can have to suggest your ‘alternativeness' before it becomes passé. This might just be quite close to the true alternative pie. There's no pretense, and the power of each performance offers a truth that is seldom seen these days.


Now, I know what you're thinking. No, I'm not related nor connected in any way to the ‘Wah' clan, nor am I, indeed, ‘E-Wah lady herself (I think). I'm just a little bald ghost in need of something honest, and Almost Sold My Axe delivers a small piece that. It makes me want to purr with contentment, in little, bald, ghost-like fashion. Of course.

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