Allday - Loners are Cool

Allday - Loners are Cool

2012 saw, AllDay, experimenting with a range of different sounds over the year, he generated a really positive response and over 17,000 Facebook followers. But aussie hip hop is a fickle genre, people either love it or loathe it, and over the years we have had our fair share of awesome and awful artists come through the charts. Either way, aussie hip hop has been a great opportunity for the young-ins like, AllDay, to give the music biz a good crack

AllDay makes the awkward moments of, boy dating girl, girl dating boy, into a hilarious recount of what we have all been through in his opening track ‘Breathe Slow’. ‘Girl in the Sun’ features a very cute collaboration with Brady James and super quirky film clip.

‘Otto’ has a dirty beat, AllDay had me laughing at his cheeky lyrics - I wanna make you feel special if you can pay for the petrol - and adding in my own discreet dance moves whilst walking down the street. ‘That Phone is a Brick’, transported me straight back to the playground and how important it was to have all the uber cool modcons to please the popular kids, hopefully at least one school goer will listen and realise, ‘hey maybe I don’t need the newest most expensive of everything.’ ‘Eyes on the Road’ is one of the softer tunes on the album and a great track to end on.

So how does Loners Are Cool shape up? AllDay is deep; he has some really great lyrics; doesn’t exploit women as his bitches and his message is wise and grown up which you can only hope appeals to the younger demographic. AllDay is still growing but he is heading in the right direction, he is a the role model you want youth of today to be listening too.
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