Alison Wonderland - Run

Alison Wonderland’s rise and rise over the past few years has been a joy to watch from the sidelines. It’s so great to see a young Aussie make the waves she has both domestically and internationally. Her talent, mysterious and enticing persona make her something of a cult figure.

Originally known for remixing other people’s work together and creating mixes to rival that of Girl Talk or more closer to home the recently disbanded Yacht Club DJs, it’s great to see Wonderland producing her own material more and more. Her debut album Run not only sees her making her own beats and atmospheric sounds as fit for in-ear headphones as they are for a warehouse parties, Wonderland is also showcasing her voice. She’s admitted she’s no singer but wanted to sing these songs on this album herself as she wrote them. First thing’s first, she can sing. She doesn’t hit high notes or have a big range but her voice has a hard to identify quality to it that fits into her brilliantly produced club style seamlessly.

This debut record is ridiculously impressive. There’s just no other way to put it. Lead single ‘U Don’t Know’ which features the vox of The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is as infectious as it is haunting. Ever had one of those moments on a night out where you’re stumbling around a club having lost your friends but are not that concerned about it because you’re drunk? This song coming on over the speakers would soundtrack that moment perfectly. The very next tune which features SAFIA, ‘Take It To Reality’ would be fitting for when you then find all your friends on the dance floor. It has a euphoric feeling too it and is another wonderful collaboration from SAFIA.

‘Naked’ is slightly more stripped back number and shows off Wonderland’s vocals despite only having very few lyrics. ‘Carry On’ is slightly entrancing while ‘I Want U’, which was previously released on her earlier Calm Down EP still feels fresh and sits alongside newer material sonically without any problems.

This album is one that is bound to be on repeat for anyone who picks it up. Electronic and dance music in Australia is making leaps and bounds but it’s still largely a mans game in terms of those getting the credit so it’s good to see a female, who are sadly still underrepresented, doing so well.

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