YOU know how you have those days at work where you're sitting at your desk at 4pm, staring at the clock on your computer and waiting for the minutes to tick over? Deadlines are looming, everyone's a little stressed and you know you have heaps to do but you really don't want to do it.


Well, The Model School have the perfect remedy - Alarm Clock Radiation.


One of the most gorgeous albums I've heard in a long time, this gentle guitar-driven work is something you can put on and retreat into a little happy world of serenity. I honestly sat there, headphones plugged into the computer, with such a dreamy smile on my face that the boss kept asking what was wrong.


Alarm Clock Radiation is not for people who are chasing rock, dance, funk or anything similar. But then again, it's not for all you Jack Johnson fans out there either - think more of a happy medium somewhere in between.


It's jam-packed full of poetic imagery, but without sounding like a 14-year-old's angst-ridden diary. Songs about dreams and love may prevail, but you won't find yourself wishing that vocalist Brendan Wixted would just get on with it, because it's so lovely being lulled into wherever he's taking you.


But the best thing about Alarm Clock Radiation is that it never sticks at the same pace. From the melancholy 'Heart Shaped Song' to the more post-country 'Into my Arms Again' (where I'm pretty sure I heard a banjo), it is layered so well that there is always something else to hear. I listened to this album three times and didn't even get close to sick of it.


There are a lot of similarities to the Eels (particularly in 'Dreamin') and maybe even a bit of a Beck feel, but mainly The Model School have their own bloody good thing happening on Alarm Clock Radiation. Definitely one for the collection.

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