Tecoma - Air To Me

Tecoma's Air To Me doesn't have the eye catching cover, it's simple black and white slip with a picture of sole band member Amira Pyliotis gracing the front is something I'd usually flip past in the CD store.


But if anything, Tecoma has taught me [Once again] not to read a CD by it's slip case.


Tecoma definitely puts her best foot forward with "Air To Me" in full swing as soon as you push play. Amira's voice sounds close to that of Missy Higgins, if only a tad bit raspier, making it that much more interesting. It's a quite a bouncy song, with a strong bass line and use of imaginative sound effects, that echoes the distinct John Butler Trio sound.


Unraveled is a story of a relationship going awry, with simple but very explanatory lyrics - there's no decoding here, everything you need to know is in the song. It keeps you entertained and wanting more, so you get exactly that - the "Air To Me" instrumental. I love my instrumental tracks so being able to pick up on all the little things my ears skipped over, from the haunting low backing vocals and licks of guitar, is fun.


Then we get another dose; the "Air To Me" demo.It's about this time one's brain starts to lag - having three versions of the one song on a four track single, even if they are slightly different from one another, isn't something I wouldn't advise. The demo is interesting to listen to, but after hearing both the finished track and instrumental, the song starts to lose it's shine.


The CD finishes off with the "Death Wish" demo, a slow track consisting of only guitar and vocals. It's a quirky song, but no matter how interesting the lyrics are ["I've been thinking of summer, that girl always know where the cops lay the speed traps"] you can't help but feel slightly let down after being attacked by the infectious layered groove of "Air To Me".


Air To Me is a great song, it shows off Tecoma's talent and creativity and it is great single material. My only gripe would be having three versions of the one song on the disc, it would of been much more alluring to have either the demo or instrumental, but not both.


As my first surprise review, I was pleasantly surprised indeed. Air To Me is something that will be doing the rounds in my head - and my CD player for a while yet.

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