Japunga - A Hundred Years

This is the second single taken from the album "Souls Conflicting", the follow-up album to the band's 2003 release titled "Light At Days End". The Brisbane trio (according to their website…don't ask me who is playing the guitar) formed in 2001 and since then have worked up quite a tally of live shows, including just recently a spot at the 2006 Gold Coast Big Day Out.


A Hundred Years is a song that blends heavy metal style guitar with unfortunately an out of place vocal. It starts off with quite an interesting off-beat intro and the heavy guitar work gives you the impression you are about to be hit with a growling deep-throated vocal but in fact what you get is a more melodic, almost 80's style soft rock sound that in my opinion doesn't suit the intro. Don't get me wrong, I am not a huge fan of the aforementioned growling vocalist but it just seems this singers voice would be better suited to another style of music. That said I do enjoy the guitar and drums to this track quite a lot. Japunga are obviously talented musicians.


I am yet to listen to any of Japunga's albums so I am unaware if this single is indicative of their usual style. I have read quite a few good reviews for their music…often described as melodic rock or contemporary metal.


Unfortunately I just can't get into this song. I enjoy the music but the vocals just don't do it for me. I have seen reviews stating the catchiness of Japunga's music but after several listens to this track I can't even remember the chorus.


A Hundred Years really doesn't stand out as single material. I wonder what the other tracks on the album are like?

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