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As the first few seconds count away one would be forgiven for thinking they had accidentally slipped one of these recent screamo style bands into their CD player. Then all of a sudden the drums and keyboards kick in with this sweet melodic voice that soon elevates itself to the stylings of classic 80s rock bands. One would hardly expect a voice as strong, as powerful and at times mellow and sweet to come from the lead singer Tone – one look at his photo with guitar and hat and you would think he was about to sing you some Blues.


Melbourne up-and-comers 78 From Home have recently released their debut self titled CD, an album with quite an amazing diversity of sound. The first three tracks alone vary from each other so much one would think you are listening to three different bands. They start off the album with an absolute gem of a song that I love. Track 1 "The Real World" has the feel of classic 80s rock n' roll at its best. Not just in the vocals but in the guitars as well. Track 2 "Brother In 1" is a slow piece packed full of emotion whilst the third track "Yesterday" takes yet another turn in style with a faster paced funky rock style number. This really is an album that has set out to showcase what this band has got to offer.


A mixture of melodic rock and warm heartfelt ballads make up the rest of the album. There is no lack of guitars (3 to be precise) on this album and the layers work really well together as well as in accompaniment with the piano in some tracks. I particularly enjoyed the guitar solo in "Gravity". And with most of the 6 band members providing backing vocals we are witness to some great harmonies and back up.


Another track I am fond of is the slow and emotive long song "I Wanna Know", a song that asks the question of where is the relationship heading. An important question sure but what I "wanna" know is where did the band get their name from? Maybe you can ask them when you catch them live sometime.

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