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I was convinced that if I had to listen to children's music as a mother I'd turn into one of those parents that Josh Pyke sings about in Middle of the Hill – "drunk" and "couldn't give a shit". I thought, surely if I have to listen to The Wiggles, I'd want to be well and truly comatose for most of the time. I've wagered that there's a reason that the horrid collection of unfortunate souls featuring Charli Delanie call themselves ‘high' five.


The Mudcakes have shown me how so very wrong I am about what children's music can be like. Cave Baby is amazing. It's more than bearable! Tolerability was going to be my marker of excellence here. I was going to suggest that If I still have a foot at the end of an hour of songs for kids, then the record is amazing. Indeed I didn't even think about sawing my foot off! So, as such, I've thrown that out the window. This, Cave Baby, is my new marker for excellence.


Listening to Cave Baby actually made me a little bit clucky. Which is strange, I'm not really one of those people! Perhaps I'm just looking for an excuse to listen to Shortnin' Bread.


I fear that some of these songs are going to make their way into my regular playlist and I'm going to have to explain to my friends why tracks like Grumpy Bum, Please Don't Polka The Baby and I Am A Sock feature so heavily therein. If you think I'm just being glib here, you're really wrong. The songs are pretty impressive and catchy.


Cave Baby has an amazing array of genres woven in - rockabilly, surf, reggae, bluegrass. The Mudcakes, Sherry Rich and Rick Plant, are inarguably deft musicians and lyricists. Rick has played with the likes of Emmylou Harris and The Audreys. Such is this pair's talent that it's almost cruel to consider theirs as music for children, under the genre ‘children's music'.


This whole experience has proved to me the power of marketing and nag power. If the Wiggles didn't have such massive clout in the market, it's almost certain that parents wouldn't subject themselves to it. Instead, they would – and should, be listening to The Mudcakes with their family.

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