Hilltop Hoods - What a great night

I have a soft spot for the Hilltop Hoods. I remember when bands like the Smashing Pumpkins were known as ‘crossover bands,' meaning that their music is accessible enough by the mainstream to introduce people to more alternative bands and music. I think that, in terms of hip-hop, the ‘Hoods' are Australia's very own crossover group.


Building from their first single, the irrepressible ‘The Hard Road', the Hilltop Hoods release this single, ‘What a Great Night' as their third single and it is highly accessible. The CD itself has 8 tracks on it, surely an EP you would think, but 6 of the tracks are remixes of the first track while the b-side track ‘Recapturing the Vibe' holds its own.


The fact that a song of such high quality such as ‘What a Great Night' is the third single from the Hilltop Hoods latest album ‘The Hard Road' highlights the depth of the album. ‘What a Great Night' does not fall for some of the usual pitfalls of hip-hop; overproduction, arrogance, over-mixing; rather it is simple but clever and, perhaps more than anything, quintessentially 'Gen Y' Australian.


The Hoods are becoming more and more a cultural icon of Australia, all while laying ace tracks. More power to them.

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