Doldrums - Lesser Evil

Doldrums - Lesser Evil

Airick Woodhead’s art-pop project, Doldrums, have been getting noticed since the former Spiral Beach front man moved to Montreal. Doldrums debut, Lesser Evil is a complex mosaic of percussion, synth and spaced-out vocals, proving that there must be something in the Montreal water spawning a new wave of art/dream-pop outfits (Grimes, for example)

Lesser Evil opens with a dreamy electronic soundscape, overflowing with effect-saturated vocals and dazed background synths. This sets the scene for ‘Anomaly’ a percussion-heavy track with more spaced vocals. ‘She Is The Wave’ is a faster, pulsating track and also one of the album’s highlights, where the vocals take on an unexpected screaming intensity and pick up the album’s pace. The single ‘Egypt’ is a dense, rhythmic experience that seems to tick over like clock on acid. And Lesser Evil’s title track is filled with weird synth effects, reminiscent of Goldfrapp’s electro-cinematic soundscapes. ‘Golden Calf’ comes in towards the end of the album and is one of the more-rhythmically intriguing tracks. It is a frantic mess of sound – a computer program, coming apart logically. You probably get the idea by now… This is pretty much entirely electro/dream-pop music.

The Doldrums are yet another synth-heavy outfit to add to the growing list of art-pop bands trending online (Purity Ring, Crystal Castles and so on). However, Lesser Evil is a densely-layered musical experience, where Airick Woodhead has created a unique sound “world”. Doldrums’ aim to make “music to stay up all night to,” and in this respect they have succeeded. There is a lot going on in this album and it’s definitely worth exploring.
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