Gay Paris

The Last Good Party

Sydney’s Gay Paris are a scratchy, hard-rock band that consist of rough vocals and all the guitar licks and riffs you can poke a stick at.

First off it is worth mentioning the average person isn’t going to like these guys. The majority of the disc is screaming vocals and that’s always going to turn a whole host of people off from the get go.

The band’s sophomore effort ‘The Last Good Party’ is a fiery unrelenting affair with ten tracks bold and loud enough to put the best sound systems through their paces. While admitting this album and indeed band aren’t for everyone, they are certainly good at what they do. Their instrumentation ability is unquestionable with ballsy guitars pulsating their way through each and every track.

The vocals do vary slightly with more conventional singing taking place intermittently throughout the album. The most obvious example of this is ‘Son Of A Butcher Parliament’ which is a more stripped back yet very rocky affair for the last third of the song with Queen style singing against a 70s feeling piano.

Opening number ‘Ash Wednesday Boudoir Party’ is the best track on the record as it is home to the best riffs and thumping drums. As you may have guessed from the two tracks mentioned thus far, the titles of songs are a little unusual to say the least, reminiscent of American prog-rock band Coheed and Cambria.

‘Ghost Off in Umbra’ is the next best track and it contrasts itself, involving slower more relenting parts as well as ahead-at-full-steam rock.

Existing fans will no doubt enjoy this new album. Casual observers will admire the technical ability but it is not going to appeal to the average punter, yet that clearly isn’t the point of Gay Paris’ music.