Flaming Wrekage


Sydney band Flaming Wrekage have made quite a name for themselves in the local scene, not having heard them before i was expecting some good things from their long awaited debut Catharsis. Thankfully i wasn't disappointed.

The album kicks things off with 'Fallen One' after the ominous intro, the drums kick in and unleash hell, the track hits it's peak when Dave Lupton screams "You are the fallen one" as the guitar kicks in and lays waste to everything.

The next song 'It Burns Before Your Eyes' is a solid melodic death metal track, before 'Summoned' opens with Lupton's bloodcurdling scream and proceeds to create chaos with its bangable riffage. The next track brings the death metal groove with 'Verge Of Destingration' with a riff that's going to make heads roll when it's played live with a solo to finish it off.

'Threads Of Revolt' that Dave can write long songs with the best of them, starting with a short intro it builds until it breaks out into a absolute headbanger, before it slows down halfway through and turns up the atmosphere. Easily one of my favourite songs from the record.

The album ends with 'Saboteur' and 'Dawn Of Time' the former a brutal track with Luptons vocals reaching new extremes as they proceed to tear paint from the walls betokened by the latter which is an epic instrumental piece that showcases what this band does so well and perhaps where they shall go in the future.

Overall it's a solid debut from a band that has barely even scratched the surface of their potential, if you're a fan of melodic death metal, i highly recommend this album.