In Death...


In Death... are hardly a band that needs any introduction. Well known for their highly energetic and tight live performances this band have been crushing the Australian Metal scene since 2008

So it was with great anticipation that i put on Thanatos the bands sophomore release and the follow up to their self titled Ep. Produced by Logan Mader of former Machine Head fame.

The opening song 'Meaten' sounds like a beast, Raymond Temperley's guitar leads bringing the brutal death metal groove while Krugga's screams sound like a putrid disease that would tear anyone to shreds.

The heaviness continues on the next two tracks 'Bury The Hatchet' and 'Beneath The Deceased' continuing the blistering pace of the album with there hook laden grooves that make you want to windmill your head off.

It's the next track 'The Living Dead' that is easily one of the standout tracks of the album. The interesting guitar melodies running through the song, along with it's crushingly heavy grooves and it's catchy vocals will ensure that this becomes a live favourite.

'Do Not Resuscitate' follows, it's half way point a particular highlight as bassist Danika Fleming and Ben McKay shine on it's slow brooding halfway point before bringing the heavy grooves back in before it ends on a riff that wouldn't be out of place on a Devildriver record.

The album ends with 'Liberation Dawns' a brutally heavy track that when played live will be sure to bring a pit to anyone in the general area.

Australian Metal has been on a bit on a resurgence as of late and bands like In Death... are the reason why, this album is sure to gain them many new fans as well as solidifying themselves within the heavy music scene.

Be warned, buying this Cd means mosh neck will be included.