Funeral for a Friend


Conduit is the sixth album for Welsh hardocre/metal band Funeral For A Friend. It’s an instantly likeable album for a seasoned hardcore/metal listener or a first timer not all that familiar with the genre.

The keep the tracks short and solid, with all the songs running under four minutes and not too much filler from start to finish.

The band have managed to strike the right balance with this album, where the sound has gone back to a very raw sound very similar to their earlier material, but have managed to also give enough depth to their sound and song-writing that shows how far they have come in the last 10 years.

Opening track 'Spine' sets the mood for the rest of the album, and short, solid and loud. Singer Matthew Davies-Kreye vocals are great throughout the album, I always expect him to drop into a bit of a Welsh twang mid song, but I’m kept waiting yet again. Plus I know it seems a little strange to say, but he actually....sings. He isn’t screaming inaudible vocals into the microphone seemingly fighting his fellow bandmates to be the dominate sound. Davies-Kreye has worked up a good chemistry with the rest of the band over the years that the songs seem to flow effortlessly throughout the album, 'The Distance' and 'Death Comes To Us All' highlights how well this works.

There is a lot to like about Conduit, it pumps hard from start to finish without many stopping for many breaths in between. The songs aren’t quite as diverse as some previous Funeral For A Friend releases, but there isn’t too many dull moments on the album as it clocks in just over 30 minutes. It isn’t going to change the world of metal and hardcore music, but proves Funeral For A Friend can still produce some great music.